Easy chair

38” x 28 x 30
Bent-laminated Walnut legs and back slats, leather

Bow legged

Entry table
36” tall x 38 x 14
Bent-laminated Walnut legs, ash burl veneer

Zia dining table

6′ diameter Alder top with dyed inlay

Powder-coated steel base by Erik Prada www.baumstahl.com
– 32″w x 32″w x 28″tall

Alice’s Nightstand

30” x 24 x 16
Bent-laminated Ash legs, painted pallet wood

Curio Shelf

18″ x 34 x 6

Reclaimed wood coffee table

60″ x 20 x 18 tall

Reclaimed wall paneling

Mish Mash

Entry table with drawer
34” x 25 x 15
Pallet wood, leather trunk, Art History book


80” tall
Oak pallet wood, brake rotor, found metal, railroad spikes

Chair reproduction

36” x 24 x 24
Knotty pine
Duplicated a 100 year old chair that was made by the client’s great-grandfather

Pallet wood bed frame

Reclaimed pallet wood

Bed frame with Natural edge headboard


Dining Table

88” x 50
Acid-stained concrete top with inlaid Juniper trim, Douglas fir beam legs

Bed frame and headboard

California King
Red Oak

Jewelry shelf

30” x 28
Painted pallet wood, reclaimed nails, burlap, chicken wire